In today’s crowded marketplace you must ensure that your products and services stand out amongst your competitors and garner attention from your target audience.

At GAM we believe that your most important assets are your image and your message. Our creative studio is geared to wrap eye-catching creative around your directive to give it the swagger it needs to get noticed.

The following are just some of the creative services that you may consider when looking to enhance your company’s visual value:


A company’s “brand” comprises the written, visual and verbal communication elements that convey the organization’s purpose and promise to its clients and prospects. GAM’s refinement process for building a strong brand – or modifying an existing one – has been a recipe for success. Discovering what matters most to your target audience can influence everything from key messages and slogans to colors and fonts, logo style and photography choices, and ultimately will help identify the most effective marketing materials, tools and plan for your organization.

GAM Services include:

  • Brand Strategy Brand Audits
  • Market Audits Messaging and Positioning
  • Logo Design Tagline Development
  • Corporate Identity Packages Graphic Standards Guides


Marketing and marketing strategy begins with asking the right questions. GAM has been helping our clients grow and market their businesses for over four decades. We ask the challenging questions and take you through a process to discover the right marketing mix for your organization in today’s competitive world.

How do we lead you to success?
Knowing that all businesses are not the same, we research your top competitors, industry trends, and marketplace differentiation factors to create a plan of unique marketing opportunities for strategic implementation.

Why is GAM right for so many companies?
GAM offers both experience and a full range of services so that as your company grows, we can support you every step of the way. Our knowledgeable staff is ready and available to meet with you regardless of what stage you are in with your marketing efforts.

GAM Marketing Services Include:

  • Marketing Recommendations
  • Strategic Research
  • Facilitated Discussions
  • Budgets and Goal Setting
  • Marketing Plan Development and Execution

Graphic Design

The overall design of your piece – pictures, images, colors and textures – must be thought out carefully so it will add value to your product. Quality graphic design entices readers by drawing them in and guiding them through your message. As a visual backdrop, a product’s design must supplement the message without competing with it.

Classic or contemporary, bold or understated, whimsical or sophisticated, GAM will design products with your audience, message and company image in mind. And, our designs will work across a range of products, giving you materials with a cohesive, complementary look, which adds further to your image branding.

Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity represents who you are and what you do. When properly designed and displayed, good corporate identity will say as much about your organization as your messages do.

At GAM, we create corporate identities that are designed to last. By working closely with you, we can create an identity that is:

  • Distinct – It must be associated only with you
  • Unique – It must set you apart from your competition
  • Understandable – People who see your logo must understand what it means
  • Identifiable – It must make people associate the image automatically with you
  • Adaptable – It must work well on a variety of materials: stationery, printed or web-based marketing materials, advertising, signage and promotional items